Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lead pencil studios

This week's visitor was the leadpencilstudios team (my friends and I were getting really distracted with debating whether or not the two were a couple...why is that? Because their work wasn't interesting enough...? Or because in our society we can't see a man and a woman working together without wondering if they are an item? ...but I digress) who make fascinating wire sculptures all over the place (among other things; wire seems to be their forte).

I spite of the impressive size of some of their installations, I'm not entirely convinced that I like their work. It seems...a little overly common; I'm not deriving a particularly moving message or statement from viewing these pieces, which (I am just realizing) I find to be an important quality for artwork. On their website it says that there will be a display here at Temple on Dec. 1. Maybe if I view some of their work in person, it will better convince me of their authenticity...

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