Thursday, November 25, 2010


Nothing signifies elation more than the end of 2D folios (for this semester, anyways)! And nothing signifies the end of folios like a freshman tutorial on bookbinding!

In spite of the disorganization, the lack of time to complete the task and the constant confusion of our instructor (who couldn't always figure out what was going on, and had to run out of the room to ask another teacher if she was doing it right), I had a lot of fun learning this historic bookbinding stitch. I've never bound a book before, but I do enjoy textile arts, and therefore found the slow, methodical stitching process to be rather relaxing. I brought my little book back to my dorm, intending to add more pages and to finish the bind (we ran out of time, haaa!) at a later date. My only concern is that this process takes time to do correctly - especially for us inexperienced freshmen - which means that 2D for these remaining few weeks will be more stressful than I could ever imagine. I'M SCARED!!!!!

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