Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This past week, several folks from the career center talked to us about their internships and how one should assert oneself in order to ascertain these positions. One student described to us her internship with one of the sculpture professors which she procured her freshman year, and how it was insanely stressful but also very rewarding to work side-by-side with an independant artist on strange new artwork. The knowledge gained from this experience was also invaluable: the student learned about goldleafing, time management, the mechanisms behind shipping artwork across the country for an exhibit, and performing to the expectations of the person in charge. Another student - and this I found most remarkable - utilized her bursting personality and interaction skills to attain a relatively prestigious internship with Hallmark. She repeatedly made her presence known, and it is astounding to me that one could be so comfortable talking to higher-ranked officials within a company. This approach served her so well that even if another candidate had timidly presented themselves with a mind-blowing portfolio, this intern would have been accepted over the other because of how pleasant it was to converse with her, to bounce ideas off of her, to receive thoughts and opinions from her,  and to feel confident that she would be a strong member of the Hallmark team. I desperately need to do this with my life: I am so soft-spoken, I doubt I give off a good first-impression beyond being a timid yet kind girl without much to say. I NEED TO ATTACK PEOPLE AAAAAARRRGGHGHGHGHG!!!!! ...attack them in a good way.

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