Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Community art project guy

Hmm, maybe I should start writing down the speakers' names...

Anyways, this guy said many awesome things (whoever he was), and although the thesis of his speech was finding a studio space (his was in the unused gym of a sunday school or something - awesome idea!), I once again focused on the description of the artist's work. He told us about several community projects he had worked on: the one featured above involved many Philadelphia citizens ranging in ages from really young to oober old. Another project involved students from a problematic middle school, and they made some amazing wood installations that I don't think most adults are capable of making. The collaborative aspect of his work was very inspiring, and he seemed to have a wonderful time working with these kids; his artwork is not only beautiful to look at, it involves a beautiful process. it even his artwork anymore? Ah, orchestrator gets the credit I say. Whatever, this makes me want to do something on this theme: I really like my elementary school, and although the kids are far from being problematic, I think every child deserves lots and lots of art in their schooling experience.

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