Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bye Peabody...

I just realized that I left some jewelry (nothing of value beyond the sentimental - I wasn't about to bring anything expensive to college xD) in my dorm...!!! So now I'm posting this here to document that there WAS jewelry there, and if it's GONE I'm going to be INCREDIBLY UPSET!!! My roommate had a glass mug that went missing during Thanksgiving break. I don't know if someone went in there, knocked it over, broke it, then didn't say anything, or just decided to take it over the laptop and printer sitting on her desk...! It's disturbing to say the least, and I'm very concerned. Which I shouldn't be, considering how much we're paying for this RESIDENCE.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There are cat videos on the internet...

Irrelevant, but true. 

This is the video Mozart would've directed for his piano concerto (No. 21 in C major, K.467: andante (nicknamed "Elvira Madigan")). Trust me.  

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Nothing signifies elation more than the end of 2D folios (for this semester, anyways)! And nothing signifies the end of folios like a freshman tutorial on bookbinding!

In spite of the disorganization, the lack of time to complete the task and the constant confusion of our instructor (who couldn't always figure out what was going on, and had to run out of the room to ask another teacher if she was doing it right), I had a lot of fun learning this historic bookbinding stitch. I've never bound a book before, but I do enjoy textile arts, and therefore found the slow, methodical stitching process to be rather relaxing. I brought my little book back to my dorm, intending to add more pages and to finish the bind (we ran out of time, haaa!) at a later date. My only concern is that this process takes time to do correctly - especially for us inexperienced freshmen - which means that 2D for these remaining few weeks will be more stressful than I could ever imagine. I'M SCARED!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lead pencil studios

This week's visitor was the leadpencilstudios team (my friends and I were getting really distracted with debating whether or not the two were a couple...why is that? Because their work wasn't interesting enough...? Or because in our society we can't see a man and a woman working together without wondering if they are an item? ...but I digress) who make fascinating wire sculptures all over the place (among other things; wire seems to be their forte).

I spite of the impressive size of some of their installations, I'm not entirely convinced that I like their work. It seems...a little overly common; I'm not deriving a particularly moving message or statement from viewing these pieces, which (I am just realizing) I find to be an important quality for artwork. On their website it says that there will be a display here at Temple on Dec. 1. Maybe if I view some of their work in person, it will better convince me of their authenticity...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This past week, several folks from the career center talked to us about their internships and how one should assert oneself in order to ascertain these positions. One student described to us her internship with one of the sculpture professors which she procured her freshman year, and how it was insanely stressful but also very rewarding to work side-by-side with an independant artist on strange new artwork. The knowledge gained from this experience was also invaluable: the student learned about goldleafing, time management, the mechanisms behind shipping artwork across the country for an exhibit, and performing to the expectations of the person in charge. Another student - and this I found most remarkable - utilized her bursting personality and interaction skills to attain a relatively prestigious internship with Hallmark. She repeatedly made her presence known, and it is astounding to me that one could be so comfortable talking to higher-ranked officials within a company. This approach served her so well that even if another candidate had timidly presented themselves with a mind-blowing portfolio, this intern would have been accepted over the other because of how pleasant it was to converse with her, to bounce ideas off of her, to receive thoughts and opinions from her,  and to feel confident that she would be a strong member of the Hallmark team. I desperately need to do this with my life: I am so soft-spoken, I doubt I give off a good first-impression beyond being a timid yet kind girl without much to say. I NEED TO ATTACK PEOPLE AAAAAARRRGGHGHGHGHG!!!!! ...attack them in a good way.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Community art project guy

Hmm, maybe I should start writing down the speakers' names...

Anyways, this guy said many awesome things (whoever he was), and although the thesis of his speech was finding a studio space (his was in the unused gym of a sunday school or something - awesome idea!), I once again focused on the description of the artist's work. He told us about several community projects he had worked on: the one featured above involved many Philadelphia citizens ranging in ages from really young to oober old. Another project involved students from a problematic middle school, and they made some amazing wood installations that I don't think most adults are capable of making. The collaborative aspect of his work was very inspiring, and he seemed to have a wonderful time working with these kids; his artwork is not only beautiful to look at, it involves a beautiful process. it even his artwork anymore? Ah, orchestrator gets the credit I say. Whatever, this makes me want to do something on this theme: I really like my elementary school, and although the kids are far from being problematic, I think every child deserves lots and lots of art in their schooling experience.