Friday, September 24, 2010

Text Drawings

For last week's assignment in computer class, we were instructed to create 3 text drawings using Adobe Illustrator: 1 was to be an abstract piece; the 2nd a realistic representation of an object; the 3rd was the pictorial representation of an action or state of being. This week we were to redo one of our drawings.

Might I just say that in summary of this experience, I find Adobe be...the...most...infuriating...thing...ever...mostly because it can't read my mind, which is always an annoying quality for software because then it doesn't understand that I JUST want to move this one object up to join with this other one, or I JUST want to select these three figures WITHOUT selecting everything behind them, or I JUST want to move this one object but you won't let me click on it...!!! ...but I digress.

Anyways, I suppose I should explain my thought processes to some degree: I began with the abstract piece because I had zero experience with Illustrator prior to the assigment, and I figured that playing around with the tools, fonts and mechanisms would leave me with a pretty abstract piece regardless. Two birds with one stone! And although after creating whatever...that image was...I am no Illustrator master, but at least I had a better feel for the program's general capabilities (for this piece, I really focused on moving letters/icons around, arranging them, etc). Following this, I tackled the "representation of an object" piece and decided to make a bunny head using the "little bunny foo foo" lyric text repeatedly to fill the spaces and create the outlines. I wasn't thrilled with the result because it looked rather messy and wasn't the most proficient exploration of shading with letters/text, however it provided me with additional experience to carry into the next piece! For my final creation, I chose the word "pointy" and, after much deliberation (i.e. searching for the pointiest symbol on the keyboard), decided to formulate the word and background with "^". Sharp, eh?

After viewing everyone else's work, I decided I would recreate the bunny using only letters (in Arial font because all Illustrator versions have that and I was tired of losing text moving from computer to computer...) because it seemed fun and most true to the assignment.

WELL...there it is! (haha, Amadeus quote. Anybody get it?)

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