Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy Depew

In my authoritative opinion, this was the best speaker to date for our weekly presentation. Candy - although being a little too ego-centric for my taste - was highly inspirational for her ingenuity and well-rounded, highly accomplished artistic experiences. She spoke of apprenticeship as being a wonderful opportunity to learn new artistic techniques and to master new mediums, and instead of paying tuition for this priceless knowledge, one simply helps the instructor with their own work or installations. Through these means, Candy has become a master silkscreen artist who is also highly accomplished in the areas of sculpture and ceramic molds, prints, etc. - truly multi-media.

Labor in exchange for art skills? Sounds like a fair trade to me, if not advantageous for the apprentice! And although I was aware that practices of this nature existed, I had no idea how accesible - widespread even - they were to art students! I would have to be clinically insane not to take advantage of this opportunity at some point in my life, especially considering my own financial impairment.

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