Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Artist's studio (and death to powerpoint) - lecture response

Of all the lectures we've sat through, this one was by far the least engaging. I found this ironic considering one of the artist's underlying messages was "powerpoint is boring, so I will use this alternative presentation program to capture your interest".
My attention was far from captured. And I found the presentation - or my interpretation of the presentation at least - to be lacking in relevance or value to our artistic journey. "The artist's studio"...? Does this truly need to be explored? The studio - again, in my own opinion - should be an expression of the artist; a comfortable environment that expresses their interests and offers some degree of inspiration. If your studio does this, you're golden. But I'm not entirely sure why one would create art in a place that isn't condusive to the practice. Wherever we are making art, it's some extension of our studio.

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